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charterrates.org provides the most current, complete and categorized database of charter companies available worldwide.  charterrates.org is a resource designed for professional travelers or normal consumers, offering help on all aspects in chartering an Aircraft, Boat, Bus, Camper/RV, Construction Equip, Cycle or Truck, planning your itinerary and you are contacted by charter companies directly via email or phone. Not only is this a great tool for the experienced group event managers, but it also provides those who have never chartered any type of service or orchestrated group travel.


To save time, charter companies on charterrates.org are divided into seven categories: Airplanes, Boats, Buses, Campers/RVs, Construction Equip, Cycles and Trucks.  Using the search boxes, you are free to jump back and forth between the categories, adding or removing charter companies that fit your travel needs.  Click on check box for vessel type, that will select charter companies you would like to request a quote from.  You also receive an email confirming your quote with a list of contact information on each company selected. 


charterrates.org uniquely allows charter companies to post their specific fleet sizes, types, amenities, general rates, and other information to help its visitors quickly find the company best suited for their client or group before making a decission.

Buyers in need of a quick quote or even book a trip no longer need to wait two or more days for exact quotes.  From our quote referral services an immediate availability of rates is on site for various local areas including options and inventory.


Our Objectives
• To provide buyers everything they need to know before chartering or booking a service.
• To make it easy for buyers to find companies that best suits their needs
• To provide local charter companies with a cost effective way to receive national advertising exposure
• To facilitate an Internet marketing alliance among owner operators and consumers
• To promote the charter industries

Our Mission
Our mission is to remove the mystery and put all the information on chartering services at your fingertips. That means with as little as one search or one phone call, you can research charter companies available all around the world.

charterrates.org: Save You Time & Money...
We are a directory of contact information for charter companies worldwide. Use charterrates.org to plan your group travel easily.  By contacting companies directly, you are able to "skip the middleman" and avoid the price markup that a national broker or travel agent would tack onto your rate.  charterrates.org directory allows you to save time and save money by going direct.  Our directory includes the following information for the companies listed within, enabling you to find the company that best fits your needs.


Company profiles on charterrates.org contain:

                              * General Rates                             * Custom Quotes

                              * List of Amenities                          * Specifications

                              * Inventory                                     * Website Addresses

                              * Telephone Numbers                    * Email Addresses

                              * Company Descriptions                * Customer Reviews


Find charter companies on Airplanes, Boats, Buses, Campers/RVs, Construction Equip, Cycles and Trucks for hire or rent in your area.


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